Master The Light is a photography workshop and tours company based out London. Started in late 2017, and run by recent photography BA(Hons) graduate, Tom Chaplin, our services are quickly expanding and developing. Please do contact us if you have any questions or want to suggest a workshop you would like to see!

Some words from Tom:

"Hi, my name is Tom! I am a freelance photographer, digital retoucher and tutor based in London. I absolutely love teaching photography of all kinds; from basic concepts, to camera skills, composition, post production and workflow. Much of my teaching incorporates street and landscape photography, where the fundamentals can be honed most easily, for example; learning to shoot with manual modes and pre-visualisation of images will become second nature in no time.

I tell people quite regularly that the process of creating pictures is the most rewarding and interesting for me, the final image is the goal, however the journey you took to reach that is far more important. Both creative and technical decisions go into every photo you will ever take, whether this is a conscious thought or merely a subconscious influence - regardless if you think you are just taking an image to document a time and place or you are creating your next wonderfully considered art piece. By teaching people the process, I love the buzz of seeing what other people can create as a result.

I have worked commercially for companies such as Pepsi, Fassi, Macmillan Cancer Support, Make a wish and Cities at Dawn, and am currently working for the South Bank Collective CIC photographic agency, as a web designer, retoucher and photographer."