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‘Barbican Centre Tower Block View’ (2018) - taken on my recent Architecture Workshop

‘Barbican Centre Tower Block View’ (2018) - taken on my recent Architecture Workshop


Are you ready for an unbiased opinion?

A constructive critique of your work that will help you become a better photographer?

I’m going to have a monthly (maybe more regularly if its popular!) article on my site/Youtube where I critique other photographers work. I’ve seen other websites and podcasts where they give feedback on photos work and it seems to be both very popular and valuable.

Send me 1-5 photographs of your work that you want feedback on and I’ll give you a detailed honest critique that is positive and hopefully inspiring. I don’t want to embarrass anyone — my goal is to help you become the best photographer you can be. If there is context or aims that you want to include, I will form my response around that!

Keep in mind that I’ll be writing a blog post and making a video about it so that my critique of your work, may help others. If you don’t want your name mentioned, just tell me and I won’t. On the other hand, if you would like your website or portfolio plugged, give me the address and I’ll post links to you and your work in the blog post.

Send your best work — 1-5 photographs to for the chance to be featured! Please include your name in the email.

If you include an Instagram link I will post this when crediting your work.

All photographs must be your work that you own the rights to and you give me permission to use them on the website in the blog post or in a video review for Youtube. The photographs remain yours and I have no other rights to your work.