Master The Light - Adobe Lightroom Presets Pack #1


Lightroom presets are an incredibly powerful way to streamline your editing process. I have made a pack of 10 presets for you to install into your Lightroom workflow. They have a variety of looks, tones and purposes. If you are interested in editing in my style, then this pack is for you!

Adobe Lightroom Presets Pack #1

Download and install these presets to instantly transform your images with just a single click! These are professionally designed and considered presets that I use in my everyday workflow, so you know that they are both powerful and useful. If you enjoy my style of photography and editing, then consider adding these presets to your own workflow!

  1. B&W ‘High Impact’

  2. B&W Medium Contrast

  3. Black & White ‘Punch’

  4. ‘Sandy’

  5. ‘Life’

  6. Indoor Portrait Recovery

  7. Milky Way / Stars

  8. Blue Hour Landscape / Seascape

  9. ‘Film Like Portra 400’

  10. Desaturated Portrait

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