Image / Portfolio Review

"Nothing is more frustrating to a photographer than posting a photo online and not getting any meaningful or helpful feedback from other photographers.  You want to improve, but without any direction, it can be frustrating."


Getting an online portfolio review is probably the quickest and surest way to improve your photography.  In just a couple minutes, you can send me your best photos, along with some information about you.  One of the knowledgeable photographers at Improve Photography will carefully look over each of the photos you submit, and make an audio recording as he or she looks over each one of your photos and provides helpful insight.

This service is not just for the advanced photographers – beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers can all benefit from a portfolio review.  The real purpose is to show you where you are, and where to go to learn the next step so that you can continue to improve. If anything, beginners can get the most out of a portfolio review, giving you precise guidance as to what you need to look at to improve!


How it works: Ill give feedback:

  1. A photo-by-photo review. On each photo I'll give my initial reaction to the impact of the photo,  highlight technical problems such as sharpness, lighting, etc, and suggest what you could do differently in the future.
  2. I'll tell you my favourite photo from your portfolio.
  3. My least favourite photo out of the portfolio and why.
  4.  Specific things to work on to improve, along with which is most important.
  5. Where you can go to learn the techniques you need to work on; internet links, books or workshops, depending on how you like to learn!


£35.00 for an online review of 15 Images; MP3 file to supply review. Usually 30 minutes of structured audio feedback. 

£50.00 to meet me to review 15 images, we can record the audio of our meeting for you to take away - advantage of this is that it lets me also review your editing process by looking at your files! Usually lasts around 1 - 1.5 hours.


Please contact me for all enquiry's and to book at:


Included in this price is my travel around London, through all Zones. If you live further afield, I am more than happy to travel to you, though I will charge an additional fee to cover my travel costs.