DSLR One to One

I will teach you how to fully control your Digital SLR, teaching you how to get the most from your equipment and develop techniques for a range of exciting and varied genres of photography.

Tuition is delivered through a combination of theory and technique, both of which will be introduced via practical exercises and image creation! If deeper theory sessions are an interest of yours, we can do a 'classroom style' session, these theory sessions can be taught over the internet if this is more convenient.

Things we can cover, from a beginner through to advanced camera users:

  • the essential functions and engineering of camera body and lens
  • how to control your exposures by using the camera in fully manual mode
  • how to use the two essential ‘priority programmes’
  • how to control and exploit depth of field
  • how to navigate around the focus points
  • how to compose fantastic shots
  • how to troubleshoot and maintain your camera
  • colours – how to make sure they’re the colour you want them to be
  • how to capture sport and action on your camera
  • best way to photograph people, objects and landscapes
  • an introduction to 'good' photographic composition.



We will combine basic science and nature of photography, with lots of hands-on practice sessions during which you will learn how to control your camera in a creative manner, whilst taking interesting and exciting images. These initial ideas can lead to deeper concepts, such as:

  • the rule of thirds in composition
  • how to use tones to add depth to scenes
  • how to use leading lines in photography.


As with all my tuition, this is a One to One session, offering total tailoring to your skillset and goals. We can always meet or speak on the phone before you book a session, so you can ask me any questions you may have.


DSLR Photography Sessions: £35.00 P/H

Please contact me for all enquiry's and to book at:  tomchaplinphotography@outlook.com


Included in this price is my travel around London, through all Zones. If you live further afield, I am more than happy to travel to you, though I will charge an additional fee to cover my travel costs.

If any teaching is being delivered via the internet, we will use skype. I will set up a sharescreen system so we can both see one another's screens and I can teach via this method.