Photoshop Tuition


Editing and retouching with Photoshop CC


Things to learn (beginner through to advanced):


  • Launching Photoshop CC
  • Uploading your images to the organiser
  • Naming and organising images, including smart albums


  • Using the selection tools
  • Refine selections

Cropping and Straightening Images

  • Using the Crop Tool
  • Transforming the canvas

Basic Adjustments and Enhancements

  • Colour correction
  • Working with a histogram
  • Brightness / Contrast
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Exposure corrections

Fixing Problem Images

  • Cloning
  • Healing an image
  • Dodge and Burn Tools
  • Introduction to Filters


  • Understanding masks
  • Brush properties
  • Mask options
  • Refining a mask

Working with Layers

  • Creating new layers
  • Transforming layers
  • Opacity
  • Stacking order
  • Layer Styles


  • Understanding different file formats
  • Introduction to RAW editing
  • Saving images
  • Optimising for the web and print

As with all my tuition, this is a One to One session, offering total tailoring to your skillset and goals. We can always meet or speak on the phone before you book a session, so you can ask me any questions you may have.


Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Session: £35.00 P/H

(Minimum two hour booking)

Please contact me for all enquiry's and to book at:


Included in this price is my travel around London, through all Zones. If you live further afield, I am more than happy to travel to you, though I will charge an additional fee to cover my travel costs.

This can also be completed via skype if you prefer to learn remotely. I will set up a sharescreen system so we can both see one another's screens and I can teach via this method.