Portrait photography helps identify who we are, how we see ourselves or how we are seen. They can be honest images or created to idealise or emphasise an idea or persona.

There are several types of portrait sessions that I use. The ‘studio’ shot, usually shot on a seamless backdrop with or without props, and the ‘environmental’ portrait, placing the sitter in their surroundings. I also shoot beauty & fashion photography sessions.

Contact me to find out more about my portrait photography sessions for your requirements and use my portfolio to see examples of my work.

Corporate Headshots and Portraits

With increased digital marketing and remote working, a unique and professional headshot can help your current and potential clients feel more connected with you. Even when you don't meet face to face.

Like it or not, people do judge you on your looks and, just like an actor, a professional headshot shows you take your brand seriously and helps promote your 'business story'. So how can you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons?

"Professional high quality corporate headshots and portraits are an essential and necessary tool to provide an outstanding first impression of your business and promote your service or brand to your customer base."


In simple terms this is a picture of an individual’s face from shoulders/part chest upwards. This image can be captured using various lighting set-ups and backgrounds depending on your brief and can be a formal or informal shot. A white background tends to be the preferred colour of choice due to its versatility for publications and marketing material however grey and black are popular choices also. 


The emphasis of a portrait is on both the subject and the background. These shots can be a full figure shot or a medium shot. This type of image is used to portray the individuals persona and the company’s image or is indeed the perfect way to link the individual with the company. Various lighting techniques will be used to compliment the brief. The best background for this type of shoot tends to be your office, a studio set-up to meet your brief or a suitable outdoor location of choice. Essentially the portrait should capture elements of your work and/or interests.

Where I Work:

To address your specific needs for your portrait/headshot I can provide our services at your office or preferred location, an outdoor location of choice or a studio in London. This flexible approach means I can meet your brief completely whether you’re looking to achieve a relaxed environment casual shoot to a more serious work-in-action shoot or perhaps having an iconic landmark in the background lifestyle type shoot.

On-Location shoot:

We recommend this particular style of shoot for Corporations that need to shoot many employees without unduly interrupting their busy schedules. We also recommend this shoot for companies/individuals that are looking to capture their working style and environment be it casual or work-in-action within their headshots or portraits.

Our photographer will attend the location of your choice with our hassle free, quick to set-up mobile photographic studio with all the necessary equipment to ensure we capture a professional but natural look. 

Outdoor shoot:

We recommend this particular style of shoot if you wish to capture a particular background that compliments the image of yourself or your business that you wish to portray. We can help you choose a location depending on your brief. For example if your business is in the creative field we would recommend some East London locations or if you are looking to portray a powerful and serious image I would recommend strong iconic building landmarks in the background. 

Studio shoot:

We recommend a studio shoot for clients that want a formal corporate portrait/headshot but don’t have a suitable office environment to shoot in or indeed prefer the privacy that a studio shoot will offer. We have synergies with many studios across London including Central, East, West, North and South. We will select the studio location for you based on your brief and indeed what location is convenient for your travel and business needs. The studios we operate from offer a full array of facilities including private changing areas, make-up areas and a private studio for shooting.