Online Portfolio Review


Online Portfolio Review

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Have you wanted to get direct feedback on your photography and editing? Book a image review session where I will breakdown what you are doing well, what can be improved and what to focus on in the future. This will give you purpose when going out to shoot and edit, you can only improve if you are aware of what needs improving! Its a fantastic learning session where you will get invaluable feedback on composition, colour, thought process, editing, and much more.

*Book the session and I will email you to agree a time and date that works for both of us. I always aim to deliver this within a week of booking, but obviously our schedules need to align!

** I offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you gained anything from the session, I will refund you the full amount. I haven’t had any dissatisfied customers yet!

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So what happens?

  1. Before our session, please send me photos - these are up to you. They can be from a set (we can view them as a series) or individual images you would like feedback on. Ideally prepare around 20 images, JPEG Format.

  2. Prepare any questions that you have for me, or anything specific you want clarity or more information on.

  3. We will connect via skype/discord/webinar programme and share our screen view.

  4. I will give precise, honest and constructive feedback on your photography. I will make suggestions regarding process, intent, technical execution, editing etc. Use this session to ask any questions you may have!

  5. I will record our session from my perspective and send you the video afterwards.

This is 100% the best way to improve your general photography. Honest and useful feedback is the best way to improve and move towards capturing the images you want to on a consistent basis. I don’t aim to be mean, everything I say is with the goal of helping you!

"Nothing is more frustrating to a photographer than posting a photo online and not getting any meaningful or helpful feedback from other photographers. You want to improve, but without any direction, it can be frustrating."

This session is not just for the advanced photographers – beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers can all benefit from a portfolio review. The real purpose is to show you where you are, and where to go to learn the next step so that you can continue to improve. If anything, beginners can get the most out of a portfolio review, giving you precise guidance as to what you need to look at to improve!