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Adobe Lightroom Sessions

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Lightroom training for Photographers (Beginners / Intermediate)

Have you taken hundreds of pictures on your last holiday trip? Do you wish you could edit and perfect your photos in a fast intuitive way, then efficiently organise and share them? Then my Adobe Lightroom for Photographers one-to-one session is what you’re looking for.

This will include how to name and organise your files, followed by an introduction to the Lightroom interface. We will then go on to take a look at the fundamental principles and processes of Lightroom, followed by a variety of hands on guided and individual practice.

*I offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you gained anything from the session, I will refund you the full amount. I haven’t had any dissatisfied customers yet!

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My Lightroom for Photographers tuition has two goals: first, to teach you how to organise and label the hundreds of digital images that you have, and second to introduce you to the extremely intuitive and creative editing interface that Lightroom offers. We will take a look at all aspects of the standard digital workflow: focusing on importing, organising, editing and then exporting and sharing your images.

We will start from the beginning by first developing an understanding of image formats (JPEG v. RAW) and the fundamentals of the digital image – the meaning of pixels and dynamic range which are vital to learning post-processing. 


A Lightroom session outline for a beginner:


1) Getting to know the interface - an overview of having a ‘workflow’.

  • Organising the original files on your hard drive.

  • Learning my folder structure system for maximising organisation - never lose a file again!

  • Create a mirrored folder system, so your Lightroom matches your hard drive.


2) The Library Module (Getting organised!)

  • Importing photos

  • Organising and tagging images

  • Using collections, keywords and filters

  • Comparing and rating your pictures

  • Making selections to determine what you will edit


3) The Develop Module (Getting Creative!)


Get to know the incredible flexibility of Lightroom’s most important module. The intuitive image correction and enhancement interface allows precise adjustments as well as creative improvisations.

  • Change the composition and the aspect ratio of your images

  • Crop your images to reveal their full potential

  • Turn them into black-and-white images or adjust their colour spectrum

  • Apply creative adjustments to make your images come to life in unexpected ways

I’ll discuss the principles of image analysis and methods of non-destructive global and local adjustments of exposure, contrast and colours. I’ll talk about the importance of presets and how to use them productively and efficiently to automate processes.

4) Publishing Images (Using and sharing your images!)

Lightroom offers numerous options to export and share your images, be it on social media, preparing an online photo book or saving and uploading your photos in various formats. We’ll have a look at publishing your images for the web and for print.

  • exporting images

  • overview of file formats and their usage

  • using right resolution and size

As this is a one to one session, this can be totally tailored to your skillset and goals. The things we schedule for the session will be in response to what you already know. We will communicate before the date to discuss this! Please email me any questions, queries etc, I will be happy to talk to you!


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He is a natural teacher, patient and with a great ability to explain technical and creative matters. He had a helpful response to every one of my questions and was happy to sit for half an hour making sure I had grasped the point.
— Bernard Clarke


*All bookings are valid for 12 months from  the date of purchase - if it is a gift for someone else please email me following your booking so I can contact them at an appropriate date/time.

Once a booking is made, I will contact you via the supplied email/phone number to arrange our session date/time. I will be as flexible as possible as to where you would like to meet.

The booking includes my travel around London (within an hour travel time), if I need to travel outside of London I will charge my travel fare as extra.*